Olive Oil

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Italian Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva is obtained by balancing pure flavors and tastes, choosing only the best olives and carefully following every single step in
the oil production.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is squeezed from selected Italian olives, and cold processed.
This oil is peculiar for its strong clear fruity taste and vegetable flavor.                           Tasty and sweet in the beginning, it can be easily recognized for its sharp half-bitter after taste.

 Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva D.O.P (D.O.P. stands for Protected Denomination of Origin) is the finest Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil coming from specified and certified areas and can be found only in selected and high-end groceries or specialties stores.     One particular quality of olives used is the Razzola olive trees, which have a peculiar “umbrella” shape.
A long time ago, the olive plants have forged with this special shape, keeping their trunks short so it is possible to collect the olives more quickly and more efficiently.
Collection is made from the second half of November to the end of December and the olives never touch the ground.
This extremely rare product, unique in its own character, offers a fresh mature fruity smell added to a sweet taste and enriched by a bitter spicy sensation.

Using as base Extra Virgin Olive Oil ; the Italian cuisine offers a vast selection of  traditional Aromatics Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Lemon, Porcini, Garlic, Basil, etc.) that are perfect with pasta and risotto, meat, fish and vegetables and indicated to flavors Appetizers and Bruschetta.

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