Italian Bread

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Italian Bread (Il Pane) is the pillar of Italian Cuisine. There is no day in Italy when a family does not buy fresh bread and you will be sure to find some bread in every Italian house. The variety of Italian Bread is impressive; this typical Italian oven product is the result of an exclusive and particular treatment, that gives to every variety of bread  an unique taste and smell. The use of genuine ingredients and the total lack of chemical preservatives or additives make of this product an ideal food of all those, who still believe in a healthy and correct feeding.               

Focaccia, Grissini, Ciappe and Artisanal Crackers represent a genuine and tasty alternative to bread on the dining table but also between meals in combination with soft cheese and sauces like Pesto and Olives Spread. If eaten alone, they are a delicious salty snack with an unique taste.


Particularly the famous  Grissini (Bread Sticks) are the result of a particular productive process which consists in a long and accurate fermentation before and after the cutting. The handmade twisting of one Grissino after the other, allows to mix the dough in a particular way without being tied to he rules of a automatic treatment through machines.
The Bricchetti represent a charming alternative to the classical Grissini twisted in water. Their presence on a festive table gives every dish a touch of rich originality. The Grissini with the excellent taste are born from the knowing treatment of corn meal. Their irregular form reminds of matches.
Try them with chocolate or with Nutella.

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